Friday, October 22, 2010

Day 0 - The experiment starts

I have decided to check out the rumors what going around in the past few years, and will conduct the experiment myself.

I have put my son's milk tooth in a glass of cola and made a picture* of it every day for about 2 weeks, then once a few days.

Time by time I have washed it with toothpaste and toothbrush, then replaced the cola with fresh one.

For the experiment I use Coca Cola, because that is the most popular cola.

The result can be seen below.

* I make the photos in the mornings, next to the window, by natural light. Because of this, the amount of the light and the tone are not always the same. So I am trying to correct the white balance with Photoshop, using the white copypaper, what is serving as background.

0. Day

The tooth was looking like this before the experiment. After rinsing and drying I made the first photo..


  1. Wow! This is really bad- And people are drinking this stuff every day!!
    Nice jobb and blogg!

    " Aktivmamma"

  2. Hmmmm thanks to your experiment I will never let my children drink(when I have children)but me I love coke! :D

  3. That is the deal....

    The advertisements saying one side the story, the cosumer share the experiment...

    And the public makes up its mind

  4. People actually are a frugivore species, the only way to stay health is to try eating as natural and raw as possible. Your experiment is great !

  5. I just want to say that the tooth may look like that not necessarily because of the coke, but because the tooth is "dead". It has been removed from it's blood supply in the gingiva, and therefore has not been getting the nutrients it needs for survival. The soft material within a tooth is called dentin and it is 20% organic material. Any living tissue would die without a blood supply. Additionally, in a living human, we have different forms of immunity to help protect us against decay. If you want a more accurate result, I would redo the experiment with a tooth that has not been soaking in soda and compare the normal tooth decay to a tooth that has decayed due to soda.

  6. In "real" life, the tooth would never got past the status what is visible on day 10-12...
    You woud scream with pain. The enamel is not connected to the living parts of the body, and once the phosphoric acid destroys it, the tooth has no protection.
    You could not really chew with it, and the food (chemicals, acids, sugar, bacterias, etc) would get closer to the nerves through the porosous dentin structure...

    The experiment only demonstrates the effect of the phosphoric acid on the enamel.

  7. I congratulate you Attila. You showed the truth to us with an clear experiment. I understand it better now. This is an information from now on and not just internet rumour. I will show this to my kids as well! Firat

  8. One more thing....
    Most of the people KNOW that the Coke is bad... But still drinking it. Who has more power on their brain?

  9. OMG! From now on I dont gonna drink CC ever again !!!!

  10. you have really helped a lot of people to understand the simple concept, hats off to all the trouble and preparation u did for almost 2 months, really regular consumption of cola is very much dangerious for our bones, which indeed creates a lot of health issues

  11. Nice post, should protect kids from consuming such drinks.